When we received our 4th Call for Zine #3, some images instinctively came to mind.  But I keep second guessing and now I have completely befuddled myself.

After 5 days, I have turned Mike’s Call over in my head and explored my photo collection.  I have read online dictionaries and Mike’s Blog “Apophatically (round 4) several times.

We have 4 dictionaries in the house, 3 of which are sitting on the shelf – the Concise Oxford, the Canadian Oxford and the Unabridged Webster (2nd Edition).  None of these paper dictionaries contain the word “apophatically”.  Online dictionaries describe the word as 1) rhetoric, and 2) describing what God is not.

OK. So, does “not a flock of starlings in an open sky” mean that God is not a flock of starlings? Or that God is the opposite of a flock of starlings – in other words, not a bunch of flickering black dots in the heavens but perhaps a bunch of flickering white dots in the heavens? Is the photo I’m looking for “not an easy catch” or “is an easy catch” or “is hard to catch?”

“There you have it!” said Christopher Robin.  “What do I have?” asked Pooh.  “You have 1000 photographs to choose from” retorted Owl.  “Oh dear”, cried Eeyore.  “Well then…” said Rabbit, impatiently. “What are we waiting for!”  “Don’t you think we should wait; just a little more”, peeped Piglet from under his hat.  “That’s a wonderful idea” said Pooh with delight.  “Let’s have some tea with honey!”
“What are we talking about?” asked Tigger as he began to chase his tail again.