Earlier this week I was highly complemented by a cousin of mine of the millennial generation. He spent a very long time looking at photographs in the two VI: Call and Response zines. He saw and felt the images through his own unique life-filters. He asked questions and he responded to what he saw with considerable thought.

We also had an interesting conversation about Instagram – about the pros and cons of the tool as a means for displaying as well as for viewing photographs. Insightful comments overall; but for all its positive attributes I wonder if my cousin would have taken more than a small fraction of the time to let those same images enter his mind and heart if he was flicking through them on his mobile device instead of holding them in his hands. I didn’t think of it to ask at the time.

It was the last day of an amazing visit together. Sitting in the sunshine on the porch over morning coffee/tea and being a part of his experience of having the zines-in-hand was worth so much more to me than I can express. I think – maybe – I can finally consider myself a photographer.

More importantly, my cousin and I will share our photographs from the past week as a natural extension of sharing ourselves and our very special time together. I won’t be using Instagram but I will e-share for efficiency… although it will take a little time to process, scan and upload the slides. In the meantime, my digital images will suffice.  😉