Monte Lake Store   1976/7

I’ve been once again going through some older archives of images, sorting, editing, keeping, trashing, an ongoing Covid isolation activity. The pics that I deem worthy of keeping I’ve been making one off prints, 10 inches long side on 11×14″ paper, using a variety of papers as I determine which stock is best suited to each image. These I am storing in archival portfolio boxes which over time I will sort into loose projects, sequence, title and jot down brief notes pertaining to the origins of each photo.

This particular picture is from 1976/7—I stopped at this store numerous times on my way to or from Kamloops where our family lived off and on from 1973-1979, on day excursions exploring the surrounding area or travelling to and from the Okanagan region. On this particular day I was travelling with my young daughter Faro, and when travelling together passing by this store we would always stop in for a small break and a treat of ice-cream.

Contrary to the reports of the store being lost to the fires that devastated the Monte Lake region this past summer, it in fact survived!

(Photo: Nikkormat FTN, 35mm f/2.8 lens, Kodak Tri-X film)