We’re changing it up again for our 3rd Call & Response zine!

Paul recently explained the process we used for Call & Response 2017.1 in his Behind the scenes blog entry.  This time we’ve decided to put out a Call – one person at a time – in the form of a brief written description of our photograph (140 characters or less).

I volunteered to make the first Call.  The rest of the VI members will see my image only after they submit their responses.

For example, if I had used the photo presented here, my Call might have been this:

Vivid spikes of colour
Vibrate through the air, pure and clear
Purples & greens dance in the twilight
Echoing a simple life
Music for my eyes; I am swept far far away

Then, the other VI members will produce photographs in Response to this description… I am very excited about this exercise!!!


First Call:  Zine #3

So, here’s the real first call for Zine #3…

  Tranquil & calm – yet something is missing.  Where did the water lilies go? 
  Blues & purples dappled with pinks
  Strangely empty
  Was it just my eyes or did my memory fade too?

Stay tuned!