A word about VI

Paul Romaniuk

is a dedicated dilettante living an imaginary life in a magical  cabin in a mystical forest on a mythical island in the middle of a legendary ocean. His photography depicts this very clearly.

Francis Sullivan

is drawn to the urban  and rural landscape that shows signs of interaction with people (keeping a wry sense of humour and a small quietude in his views) through the capture of signage, icons, messages and writings left behind  …

Kim Walker

delves into intimate details, colour and space through the lens.  Drinking in every little detail with her eyes, she gets lost in the presence of miniature worlds.  A stubborn luddite, Kim can’t help the urge to capture an image even if it means using a dumb phone or compact digital.

Mike Zastre

joined Flickr in June 2005.  His hometown is Prince George,  BC and he currently lives in Victoria, BC, Canada. He is male and taken.  His occupation is teacher.  You can see lyrics and rhythm and beautiful music in his photographs.

Together …

we live separately in Victoria, BC but meet  regularly to share, seek advice, learn, critique and occasionally collaborate on our diverse photographic endeavours.