Quiet morning in the studio garden

This post is an experiment on a couple of levels.

First, I’m trying out the iOS WordPress app to write and post this. The app has been sitting on my tablet quietly for a long time, never drawing attention to itself until a question came up last week about a whack of comments waiting approval that had not been reviewed (sigh…they were all spam). I realized I could do this from the app and they were quickly trashed.

Second, I want to try doing some short posts of an image and a couple of words about it. The app seems perfect for that. So look for more frequent posts from me (and I hope the other VIers will join in).

So now for a few words about the image. It captures a preternaturally quiet morning in our neighbourhood (thanks, covid…no seriously, thanks) in the beautiful garden sanctuary Elena has created for us. They are my father’s favourite flower. Every spring I cannot remember what they are called, even though each preceding year Elena says “just think of pee-on-me”.