Over the course of the winter, we worked on a formal project for issue #2 of Call and Response inspired by the zine’s name. It began with “calls” – each member threw 2-4 images into the pot, and then we each selected two of those images to make a response to. As we worked though the project each response became in turn a new call and it was fascinating to see how the narratives entwined or diverged in completely different directions.

This image was taken at our meeting at the end of March, part way through the project. I think we went through another two call and response cycles after this meeting before we began the editing and sequencing process. Seen like this, the body of images seems chaotic, and yet when we got down to sequencing, everything (eventually) fell into place organically, without using the formality or constraint of the call-response-call-response structure. We’re very excited about getting issue 2017.1 out into the world for people to see and comment on.