Billiard Hall, Todos Santos BCS 2002

I’ve been spending some isolation time sorting, tweaking, trashing and sometimes printing my too numerous photo files and projects dating from the early 1970’s up to the present (haven’t even begun to sort the boxes and binders of negatives). And as I go through file after file I come across images that I’d worked on, processed and saved, moved on and forgotten, to now revisit and ponder these pieces in the light of a new day and the passage of time. It’s time worth spent and an interesting look at what at the time captured my imagination and to note my creative frame of mind. Many of these images are pre-digital, using a variety of cameras and films which were later scanned to have the ability to view and work with these files as I had given up my darkroom many years past.

This image Billiard Hall, Todos Santos BCS 2002 was from a trip to this small town on the Baja Peninsula in which we had rented a small suite in a local neighbourhood within walking distance of the town centre. I didn’t come away with a great number of ‘keepers’ as some of the film seems to have been affected by the X-ray scanner at the airport. I’m glad that some did survive and looking at them now I’m still quite please with the results.

I love the coloured doors and the vivid green highlights here; this use of bold colours throughout the neighbourhood was a visual delight, a wonderful contrast to the earth tones of the building materials, streets and surrounding hills.

Nikon F3, 35mm f2.8 lens. Fuji NPH 400 film, 17collaged frames