Elk Lake

I made this image with a modified Holga and expired colour negative film. Shortly after I got my first Holga, I started messing around with it and a few others I subsequently purchased. Straight Holga shots were certainly intriguing, but I wanted to push the softness of the images further. Of the different things I experimented with, the most satisfying images were being made with a Holga that had a piece of frosted mylar taped over the opening of the negative mask inside the camera. The softness and degradation of the image comes from two effects. The softness results from diffusion of the light by the frosted mylar upon which the image from the lens is projected. The degradation comes from the fact that the image the film captures is not direct from the lens but is the projection just in front of the film, analogous to taking a photograph of a tv or movie screen.

Far more important to me than the technical details of this photo is what it succeeded in doing – capturing the emotions and feelings I experienced at the moment I made this image. I view the image now and experience those same emotions and feelings quite viscerally once again.