Old SFU Burnaby Transportation Centre

Reading the memories Francis shared about busing up and down Hastings reminded me of trips these past 25 years into and out of the Lower Mainland, many starting and ending with the 640 bus at the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal walk-on entrance. And now my oldest son is going to learn to love the Skytrain over the next 12 months as he travels to and from his school located near Gastown. So I’m surprised to realize I’ve been suppressing my own memories of late 1980s / early 1990s transit usage as I bused every day to and from SFU Burnaby. Many years ago long after graduation I spent a warm early-May evening strolling through the quiet campus, my new DSLR camera in hand with a wiiiiiide angle lens, and came across the old transportation Centre where all the buses used to congregate. (The current Centre is now farther east.) The weird UFO vibe and dramatic lines in this scene, stairs heading toward the roadway, the strange bit of foliage, a circle of light, turquoise swimming in the far distance: all caught me by surprise that night. I had never seen this in all my years as an undergrad.