Today was the first time in the darkroom in 3 years. A year ago I converted my then darkroom, a former work room in the basement into a music studio. I was undecided whether to abandon the wet darkroom altogether to go 100% scanner, computer and printer but decided that I wanted a hands on alternative to being completely computer based for photo printing. I am by no means a skilled darkroom person but I do enjoy it anyway.

So a small darkroom was constructed elsewhere in the basement. In fact two small steps brings me belly-up to the enlarger and a 90 degree rotation has me at the chemical trays. Kind of like my first darkroom that my dad constructed for me when I was in high school learning to be the yearbook photographer.

Yesterday I developed three rolls of film that have been waiting patiently for the past three years, using a two part developer that had been sitting around all that time. Fortunately it worked. Today I made contact prints trying to remember how long to expose the paper, then I couldn’t remember if it was 2 or 3 minutes for the developer. I chose to use 2, but it turns out that it should have been 3. Totally flying by the seat of my pants, which is the way I roll.