riffing on the previous post from Mike, the notion of panos from the point of view of commuter on a bus brought these images to mind—panos of a different nature. Having been a frequent passenger of public transit, I’ve always been fascinated by the rolling vista as glimpsed from the window side seat as you’re transported to your destination in fits and starts.

A few years back I was visiting an ill friend in Vancouver and found myself riding the bus along Hastings Street to the East End and back. I became mesmerized by the passing views, having only momentary glimpses as the bus slowed, stopped, picked up/dropped off passengers and continued on its and my journey. People moving, standing, talking, trading, bartering. Quick shots of buildings, signs, graffiti, all in play, interacting, oblivious to my gaze. As we moved along, I pressed my camera up against the glass and more or less randomly snapped as we progressed, some as we were stationary, others as we were moving.