This past Sunday was a very productive meeting in which we pretty well nailed the sequencing and layout of our next zine, issue #3! It’s an impressive grouping, and seeing them all together had me amazed and excited at the diversity and beauty of these pictures.

This was an interesting call—being based on the idea of describing in 128 characters or less a picture that we had taken, but not seen until the others had responded to and produced a picture that was in some way an interpretation of this description. I found them all to be challenging and outside my normal realm of photographic shooting, and as such opened me up to genres I rarely approach, such as landscapes, macros and nature.

My call was the first to begin and I took a rather literal approach in describing my picture—and was surprised and elated with the resulting pics….Kim even coming up with the exact same image from a different perspective…wow—good eye!

In my own response to each subsequent call I took a somewhat different approach with each one: with Kim’s I chose to focus on the thought of water lilies, and sought out appropriate images that depicted this particular landscape, attempting to catch the mystery of her words through form, texture and light.

Paul’s somewhat enigmatic call had me traipsing along forest paths and flowing streams, seeking the surging silence and hints of the moon’s daughter, of which I believe I caught a glimpse of both… and came back all the better for a hike in the woods.

With Mike’s cryptic words, I chose to have some fun and came up with pictures that were defined not in any literal sense by what they are, but by what they are not, and in doing so, leaving them open to interpretation of what they can be.

Can’t wait to see the finished zine!