While we’re on the topic of panoramas:

This is one I did in fall 2017 (along Cambie Street in Vancouver). If you sit in a seat on the left-hand side of a transit bus, and then put your smartphone-camera lens flat onto the neighbouring window, the resulting panoramas can be fun and funky. Cars disappear into thin air, trees are squished, and the stitching algorithm makes delightful choices as it tries to connect the scenery flying past the window (let alone the accelerometer craziness as the bus speeds up and slows down and goes around corners). Great fun.

The trick is find a part of bus route where there are items in the mid-distance and far-distance (but not too close and not too far!) such that the stitching algorithm has a chance of making something interesting. I even tried it once on a plane, when flying out of DUB.

Mind you, the smartphone is a power hog with this as the battery gets drained from providing energy needed for all the computation. I lost track of that fact once when having fun, and was wondering why I had only 9% left…