Used books FTW: I follow several local used-book stores on Instagram, and a week or so ago caught a pic of some titles on a shelf. Lo and behold the shelf held a few photo books, one of which had “Photography and Architecture” on the spine. To make a long story short, I paid for it and did the curbside pick up, and thought I was going to arrive back home with the MIT Press version. I was overjoyed to find it was an earlier printing by Callaway Editions, with images printed in photogravure on good paper, text composed using Monotype Bembo, the colophon a “who’s who” of New England letterpress printers from the heydays of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Woot!

“One and done”: Living with teenage sons means discovering how out of touch I am with new language. Two nights ago I tried convincing them that we should exercise our collective family creative muscles on a wee film project. I suggested something based on ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, but with young Stephen as the subject. That got blank stares. Anyway, I’m still not sure they buy the idea, but Robert was a bit worried that I wanted to create a viral video, and that if it did take off, then it would ruin his career. “One and done”, he said, i.e., the YouTubers who get their 15 minutes of fame with a single video that haunts them forever. Is this a thing now for visual creatives?

An embarrassment of fonts: Today I finally did the last needed edits for our 2019.1 edition of VI Zine. When I began, though, by opening up Adobe InDesign, my cursing commenced. Earlier this year I was unable to renew the Monotype Type Library subscription that I had since 2017 — for some reason, Monotype removed this product from MyFonts, and all subsequent products are crazy expensive.  Fonts I’d used for 2019.1 were now gone! But somebody must be looking over me as I finally noticed something that had often flitted by on the laptop’s display. My Creative Cloud subscription (gulp, $$$) has Adobe Fonts included. So, I powered that up today and — holey moley! — I’m back in business with even more typefaces than I had with the excellent Monotype subscription. I’m a kid in a candy store! Hooray!