personal significance

I took this photo about a year ago out at Elk Lake regional park. This is not the lake, but a marshy pond close by. I’ve made many photos in this area because I love the woods and lake. But many times the photos I make there don’t really seem to represent what I was experiencing at the time.

But I feel a strong connection to this image because it reminds me so strongly of summer days when I was 7 or 8 years old growing up in a city in Ontario. My mother would send me out of the house in the morning with a packed lunch and the admonition not to return until dinner time. I would wander off quite a distance to a woods with a marshy pond where I would idle away the day exploring and catching minnows and tadpoles. Totally on my own, out in nature. Glorious. Those woods and pond are no more, long ago consumed by the march of suburbia. But the memory of them lives on for me in this image.