Almost since the upset of the COVID-19 pandemic, members of VI have been creating and sending photographs to each other by mail, as Paul explained in his blog “This Side Up?” (March 28, 2021).

Here is one of the many beautiful gifts that I recently received from Paul.  His accompanying note reads, “Some scenes from the UVic trails, printed with piezography inks.”  A photo of photos cannot do justice to the delicacy of these images.  They have a softness and at the same time one can almost see every leaf.  The warm tone of the inks is subtle, yet lush.

I learn a lot from my colleagues and I’ve been learning so much during the last year and a half with the opportunity to have photos in hand to study and enjoy at my leisure.  However, a while ago, I began to display the various photographs sent by Mike, Paul, and Francis.  They have graced my living room and often end up on the fireplace mantle, as this picture illustrates.  But I have not quite been happy with just leaning the individual photographs or laying them flat.  So, I asked my partner Stephen to build me some interesting little stands. Now I have a Miniature Gallery that changes up every now and then.

Thanks guys!