San Francisco, 2010

I am not a gear head, not a gear head, not a…

If I repeat that enough times, it must be true – right!? I truly am not a gear head but it is true that I own way too much equipment. I blame eBay in the Twenty Noughts for plying me with listings of great film camera equipment at low, low unbelievably low prices. Don’t even ask me about my stocks of very well aged film that I bought at the same time.

But I fail to get to the point of this post – which is my favourite travel camera. It is….drum roll….the lowly lofi Holga. I took it to San Francisco, shot film, developed film when I got back, made real prints in a real darkroom and eventually made a handmade book of the images. A couple of years later, took it to China, yada yada yada made a handmade book of the images. I love the images I get, the Holga attracts zero attention and were someone to steal it I’d be out about $40. And when I get back from a trip, there are hours and hours of pleasure developing film, making prints and books.