Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

So hopefully that explains the title of this brief post. (1) St. Patrick and the story about the snakes. (2) Tourist travel to Ireland is still a little ways off.

Back in May 2009 for two weeks Susanne, Robert, Stephen and I travelled to the west of Ireland. Ostensibly the visit was with our friends in Galway City but we did drive in and around Counties Galway, Mayo, Clare, Limerick, Cork, and Kerry. County Kerry is quite mountainous — not like the Rockies, yet in some ways with a different intense drama. Part of an evening’s craic I had at a pub in Tralee was with a fellow who spoke the wonders of the Connor Pass, and it didn’t disappoint. (Those sheep in the distance are probably ewes which have been marked by a ram with a bag of dye around his neck, if you get what I mean. It helps farmers manage the ewes, placing them into proper fields, etc.)

Robert and Stephen are not worried about snakes in this picture as they sit near the top of Connor Pass and look south across the lovely landscape that is the Dingle Peninsula.

I’ll wish you a happy pint of Guinness during this grand evening, and further wish you to have at least a day in your life with a roll of film in a camera while walking County Kerry.

An té a bhíónn siúlach, bíonn scéalach. (He who travels has stories to tell.)