Birdhouses: Along the E&N


This last week saw the final instalment of our latest call and response, the thought behind this one being that we should document places/things that give us pause, to relax and put our minds on things other than our day to day—work, Covid, stress. You get the picture.

I’ve been spending a fair bit of my free time enjoying walking and biking, in particular along the Gorge Waterway (walking) and both the Galloping Goose and the E&N pathways (biking). This has certainly contributed to relieving any tension I may be feeling, or the urge to be out breathing outside air rather than inside air, as well as opening up potential photo opportunities along the way. All in all, a pleasant way to spend an hour or so.

The above quadtych (?) is from a stretch along the E&N pathway that I’ve passed numerous times, and as I ride by I always give a look, thinking that this row of birdhouses deserves a picture or two, or in this case, four. Always brings a smile. I like the fact that whoever put these up along their shared fence line, put them so they are overlooking the pathway so those of us passing by have a good glimpse of them and any potential bird activity.

Given the intent of our last project, the timing, lighting and motivation were just right this time around to add this to my cache of photos for this theme.