What wasn’t shown…

  • My printmaking process usually involves a mad rush the day before we (VI) meet. I know it’s not the best approach but at least the group gets me motivated. Just before last night’s meeting I decided not to share the two prints I had worked on; well, at least not immediately. One is a print I call Budapest Girl, a successful improvement on an earlier version thanks to feedback and advice from Mike a couple of years ago. The second photo needs one more adjustment before the final print.
  • The first Call for our 3rd zine collaboration is not even a month old but Francis was ready to lay out his response photographs. He’s our most prolific photographer! He’ll have to wait to show his work until Mike and Paul have completed their exercises though. In the meantime, Francis has installed another exhibit of his work. In collaboration with artist Diana Durrand, Upon Reflection is on until October 28 in Duncan BC, over the hill and up the highway from here.

What was shown…

  • Mike is becoming our book making guru! He shared one of the two-volume handmade books and clam shell cases that he made as gifts for his wife and her sister. Even the flaws were beautiful because they gave the books such a personal touch.
  • Paul brought a project-in-progress with the most unusual, non-touristic and intriguing images of Victoria’s Chinatown I have ever seen. Paul’s fearless foray into experimental photography has earned him a reputation as certainly the most versatile, possibly most creative, artist in the mix!
  • And as if sharing their personal projects wasn’t enough, both Mike and Paul brought some incredibly beautiful handmade books produced by Gerhard Steidl: Dayanita Singh’s Museum Bhavan and Sent a Letter, and Noah Purifoy’s High Desert. Paul was so excited by Purifoy’s book that his enthusiasm inspired a project idea in me.

What an evening! This morning I woke up around 4 am, buzzing with inspirations and new project ideas for both myself and hopefully with my VI colleagues. At the very least, I’ve decided my two photographs will become part of a small series Portraits in Place(working title). Although I’m not quite sure what form I will use to present them, I do know that the VI members will be around to support, guide and inspire.