Cerrillos NM  2018.  Fuji x100f


Black Mesa, San Ildefonso Pueblo reservation  NM  2018.  iPhone 8+


hmmm…favourite camera for travelling.

Well there’s certainly been a few over the years: rangefinders, SLR’s, TL medium format, SL medium format, 4×5″ etc.  Back in the day, size and weight never seemed to be a problem. Fast forward to today and yes, size and weight have become a concern. I no longer always feel like packing around a knapsack full of gear on my travels, though I still do take along a few heavier pieces when I anticipate the need  of higher res and and extra lenses. But more often than not, I prefer to travel light.

My go to cameras for most of my outings now is my Fuji x100f w/screw on wide angle lens and my iPhone (of which I’ve come to appreciate for its constant presence). Both are lightweight and relatively inconspicuous, not drawing much attention to the camera or me: everyone these days seems to have a phone and constantly snapping everything and everyone, including themselves. Both of these devices offer different aesthetics for me — the Fuji is plenty enough quality for the work I do and the iPhone offers a different take on picture taking—I use it for producing smallish prints in the manner of snapshots and personalized memoirs and its quite often unpredictable results (see above re: lens flare in the Black Mesa pic, a thing not noticed while attempting to compose in bright sunlight).