The VI-Zine group had a wonderful field trip to Duncan yesterday to take in a private viewing of the Reflections exhibit in Duncan of which Diana Durrand and I have had on exhibit for the months of September and October. It was wonderful to have the 3 other members of our small group together to have a look at some works of mine that span the course of over 40 years of my photographic interests. To see the work as larger prints rather than on screen or small proofs or even the images as seen in our zine gives another dimension to the work. Details are more apparent as are the properties of the image as physical object. We had a great time talking and discussing the photographs and I am most grateful for the honest and heartfelt opinions of Mike, Kim and Paul. To have that kind of feedback and criticism from respected and respectful colleagues is an opportunity any artist should be happy to engage in. The fact that we were the only ones in the gallery created a relaxed atmosphere and felt no need to rush through, able to view and talk at leisure.

On the return trip we had a pleasant lunch in Cowichan Bay, visited the local bakery True Grains and made our way back by way of the back roads to cross over to Brentwood Bay by way ferry. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a Wednesday. Thanks again to Mike, Kim and Paul for a grand day out!